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Monday, July 25, 2011

What's in the garden today

It's great weather here for brassicas at the moment. Our CSA subscribers get at least half a cabbage in their box each week. The bigger the box the more cabbage, and so the larger box often gets a red cabbage as well. Now Mark and I don't have any trouble going through a cabbage a week. We have it in stews, soups, stirfries, fried rice, satayed and come spring we will eat it in coleslaw. We tried last year to make Kimchi , but really we need to find the time to put more effort into it, and we will this year. Some of our customers find the volume of cabbage a little challenging. And I can sympathize. Before we started the market garden, I didn't eat much cabbage at all, but now that we try to eat mainly from the garden I've had to adapt, and now I really enjoy it even just sauted in a little butter and pepper.  How do you eat your cabbage?

Other brassicas we grow are broccoli, bokchoy, kale (3 varieties), rocket, kohlrabi and tatsoi. I've been asked a few times about tatsoi. It is a very versatile vegie, and very fast growing. It is an asian green along the lines of bokchoy, but with littler leaves which can be added to a salad mix. You can pluck the leaves and leave the plant in the ground and it will keep producing. We use it raw or cooked in stir fries or in place of spinach, and it grows here all year round.

Here you can see a few of our brassicas - Tatsoi, kohlrabi, green and red cabbage


  1. Cabbage stirfried with soy sauce or shredded and mixed with chicken mince and other goodies to make spring rolls. Also added to soups and stews.

  2. Thankfully we love cabbage here. Tonight we had a cabbage and orange salad. It was simply some shredded cabbage, diced orange, sesame seeds, and olive oil. Yum!

    Red cabbage is my absolute fav vegetable so was delighted when we got one a few weeks ago :-) I love it stir fried with a little sesame oil and then I toss through some sesame seeds.

    I also make an indian style cabbage dish that has cabbage, diced potato and loads of spices in it.

    And I love simple good old plain steamed cabbage with salt and pepper.

  3. We are getting ready to plant our fall garden and will be planting several rows of cabbage. I make kimchi and kraut to store and then we eat a LOT of cabbage with meals so it's a good thing everyone like it. I have been missing it and can't wait.xx

  4. Hi Kate,
    I love lightly stirfried cabbage with a little butter and curry powder. yum!

  5. As you know, I try to avoid it! But we've been getting it fairly regularly in our veggie box too, and I have to admit, it does taste nice fried up in butter with a little salt (although, to be fair, there's very little that doesn't taste nice fired in butter with a little salt!)

  6. My mum used to fry it with soy sauce too. Reminds me of home, and a real pleasure still. Can't say the rest of the family are so enthused.
    I intend to make some kimchi from my wombok and sauerkraut from my cabbage. I adore pickled and fermented cabbage, whatever culture it comes from!


  7. Thanks guys I will pass the ideas onto our CSA members.