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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's on in Transition Towns

Tomorrow night we will hear Heather talk to us about cooking using a solar oven. Heather is very passionate about this subject and it shows in her presentation. The solar oven can be used as an oven to bake bread, cakes, pastries, etc ;as a slow cooker; a kettle,a dehydrator, a thermal cooker and a hot house for making yoghurt, raising bread or roasting nuts and much more. With the rise in energy costs to be able to cook food using energy free from the sun is very appealing.

Growing some of our own food  is an important part of food security.

Following Heather's presentation we will hear from Jamie who is a part of a couple of food initiatives in partnership with TT Newcastle. Jamie is very passionate about food security, and so we will hear about what Newcastle is doing to secure it's food supply. One aspect is the Neighbourhood Supported Agriculture. If you are local come along and learn more. Mark and I have a particular interest in our city's resilience, especially in the area of food. During the Transport strikes a few years ago in Britain it was ascertained that supermarkets had only 3 days supply of food on their shelves. How can we be prepared for such an occurrence. These are the things Jamie is interested in.

Working together to build a food producing backyard garden with a permablitz.

We would also like it if people would bring along any excess garden produce or seedlings to swap with other people on the night. John from Cornerstone Cafe will be making soup and everyone is asked to bring something to share for supper which adds a social aspect to the meeting.

I would like to welcome everyone who has now signed in to follow along on my garden ramblings!

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  1. I want to come! I have had the plans for a solar oven on my to do list for awhile now. It really would be helpful since it's too hot to cut the oven on in the kitchen. That is scary that the market only had enough food for 3 days! I have enough food stored for a year for my family and now we are working on our water supply. I get my water from a well and am soon putting in a hand pump.xx