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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Children Are our Future

Mark and I are passionate about educating people on how to grow nutritious organic/biodynamic food and to provide a model is one way that we do that. We have seen people of all ages come through our front gate on various sorts of tours. The retirement village brought 2 bus loads of  residents here for a tour. Some were not quite mobile enough to manage our uneven grounds and we thought maybe , for most it was just an outing, so we set up tables under the shade of the trees and served them morning tea more like a garden party than a farm tour. And for one of these lucky groups the Steiner School brought some children out to play the recorder and sing for the elderly folk while they had their coffee and cake.
We've had primary school kids, highschool kids, Kindies and pre schoolers. Some stay for an hour or so and some the day. What we do depends on the age of the child and what they are learning in class at the time. But when it all boils down to it ,it really is about showing them where their food comes from. Last year we had a 3rd class camp for 2 nights and we looked at the bees, hoed and planted potatoes, milked the cow, harvested food and cooked it for their dinner. That school has asked could they bring another class this year. It's hard work but worth the effort because you know that it means so much to them.

We also had a playgroup Play Dates For the Planet who came for the morning and we provided a lovely lunch. I love that we can provide  a place for children and their parents/ teachers to come and see what happens on a real farm.We don't have electronic games, fast rides, water slides, or any marketing paraphernalia. We allow children to be up close to animals, collect eggs, feed chickens, pat dogs, get dirty digging and planting etc.We want to provide a place that allows children to be...well children.Through our involvement with Tricia over at Little Eco Footprints we have come to know about and support Hunter Alliance For Childhood -Reclaiming childhood through Real Food, Real Play ,Real Life. They are hosting an Expo this weekend. Maybe we'll see you there.


  1. I love what you do and wish I could be there too.xx

  2. i wish i could bring my little would be a long way even for a home school outing! lol. one day. one day i will be back down in tow...i love your mission.


  3. I think this is such a great idea to educate people of all ages, particularly the kid's. Hopefully what they learn will stick with them as they grow up. A great opportunity for them.

  4. sounds like a great event. Now, if only that bullet train were operational, I'd be there...