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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Something I watched this morning and thought it worth sharing! A moving rendition of John Lennon's 'Imagine'
sung by a young man, born in Iraq and adopted as a small boy by an Australian woman. This was sent to us by Costa with a note to say that it brought tears to his eyes. I'll be surprised if it doesn't bring a tear to your eyes as well.

  5 things I'm grateful for;
                              ~ magpies singing outside my bedroom window
                              ~ fresh home made sourdough bread

                              ~ my home on a beautiful spring day

                              ~ a day spent in the garden
                              ~ a safe place to live.

 What are you grateful for?


  1. My grateful list:
    1. A husband who is fun to share my life with and who ability to turn my dreams into reality with his versatile, creative, practical talents.
    2. My gorgeous daughters and grand-daughters.
    3. Having a job I adore and a class dynamic that makes going to school a pleasure, thanks to my fabulous kinder/prep kids.
    4. Living in Tasmania, where the weather conditions are NEVER very extreme, giving us 4 distinct seasons to savour and appreciate.
    5. My reasonably good health, that helps me keep enjoying life.

  2. I am grateful for a family that I love and loves me.
    Having more food than I can eat and knowing that I have never been truly hungry.
    Have the means to share what I have been blessed with.
    A new day to experience this life of mine!xx

  3. Kate I saw this young boy on t.v and our family has been talking about it since. It was so moving and inspiring. Thanks for the post about gratitude and the link!

  4. Just watched the clip, what an amazing journey for this young man and his brother.

    It brings back a reality check doesn't it?

    There are way too many things that I am grateful for to list here. "Everything" would some it up nicely, but the main things would be my family, a lovely roof over our heads, hubby's secure job so I can stay home, good food to eat,good health, and the great country we live in...

    Thank you for the reminder to be grateful :)

  5. ... my husband
    ... my children
    ... this beautiful world that we have been blessed with
    ... friends i can be stupid with
    ... every day .....

    thanks for the reminder!

  6. I had tears even before he began singing!

    I am so grateful that I live in a peaceful country, one where I can basically have anything I want but knowing I already have enough of everything I want and need, and I have a good life.