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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now Isn't That Great?

" There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness and truth " Leo Tolstoy

A great book...

We went along to a  Permaculture meeting last week and listened to the author of this book, Leonie Shanahan talk about how she got started in school gardening projects. She started off small at her children's school and has worked up to a full time job teaching gardening in various schools in Queensland. The book is a compilation of notes and plans that she has pulled together in an easy read and doable approach to vegetable gardening with children.

And another.....

I have had this one for a while now and it is a wonderful reference book, again for working with children in the garden. It has examples of how you can incorporate the curriculum outside in the garden. Both are based on Permaculture.

A great pair of yoga socks to be found  here...

A great festival we went to on Sunday The Central Coast Footprint Festival. Great speakers- We listened to talks on no dig gardening, Natural Sequence gardening, Beyond Zero Emissions,; great food, great music- drums made out of recycled plastic containers, bands, accopella,; great stalls showpiecing handcrafts and art and much, much more. I am happiest when surrounded by people involved in sustainable practices.

                   All simple, good and truthful


  1. Hey chicky, those books look great! Maybe we can get her to come chat at our local permie group meeting too...

  2. Aren't they both great books? Leonie came to our meeting this week and I purchased this book as well. Was going to write about it too, lol!!

    The Footprint Festival sounds as if it was a very good day. It was moved to Sunday from an earlier date due to extreme weather conditions and I couldn't make it on the new date. Love the socks!

  3. Gee they look like good books!

    One of our local primary schools has embarked on the school garden program. It has been very successful too as far as I have heard. There is another person in our town trying to get a community garden going but she has come up with a lot of opposition. One of the reasons I heard was that veggies wont grow here because of the rainfall and severe heat...but I have managed to get mine growing with wicking style beds. Just dont understand some people :)

    Wish we had more opportunities in our area that happen elsewhere, I think it would be great to attend one of those gatherings with like minded people...

  4. Hey, thank you for the book recommendations. I am adding them all to my book order list for next week and I must show my daughter since she is a culinary arts teacher and they are just starting their own school garden. xx

  5. Your events sound wonderful Kate. We have a small community garden here in the village and the playgroup grow salads etc for their snack times. xxx