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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This is the spinning wheel that my dad made, quite a few years ago now. It won first place at the local Show. Wasn't he a clever man?
 He also made each of his children (5of us) a grandfather clock from cedar....

and a sewing box for his daughters and daughters in law and my mum - that's 6 plus a spare made from pine. Here's mine, next to my favourite chair where I sit in the evening to do my knitting and sewing.

On the inside of the lid is a pin cushion that my mother cross stitched my initial.

He also made each of his 7 grand daughters, a high chair for their dolls. (Don't worry the grand sons also got something. He made each of them a little stool)

Dad got started in woodturning as a lead up to retirement but really got stuck into it when he retired fully and the shed was where you'd find him, working on one thing or another. We got pens for Christmas, bowls and toys for the children and toys for charity. He made the bannister rails for the stairs in my sister's house and much, much more.
 And how did I manage to get the spinning wheel you may ask, when I have such a big family. Well I am the only one that wanted to learn to spin, and dad was so pleased that it did actually spin. He wasn't sure whether it would just be a show piece or whether it would actually work.So I took it along to a spinning group about 7 years ago and yes it worked. But over the years the timber has settled and moved and it's not working so well. I went a long to another spinners group on Saturday to see if they could help. They spent hours trying to help me, but still the wool will not draw in. It may yet be the 'show piece' that dad thought!


  1. Your dad does some beautiful woodworking. I love the spinning wheel and hope you are able to fix the problem. I have always wanted a spinning wheel of my own so maybe I need my husband to build me one. He built my diningroom table and it is my favorite piece of funiture in the house.xx

  2. wow, your dad is a gifted woodcrafter. guess you got your can-do spirit from him!

  3. hi kate! wow, your dad is very talented and so generous too. such lovely things you have from him. i've thought that when i retire i would love to try my hand at spinning too.

    oh, and i LOVE what you do. we are fortunate to have several organic farms in our area we support, one right down the road from us, i can ride my bike to collect our produce!

    congratulations on your grandchild on the way!

  4. Those beautiful timber keepsakes are treasures. We have the grandfather clock that my husband's grandfather made for david and it is a much loved piece of furniture. Thankyou for sharing , there is nothing nicer than something that has been made for you.

  5. Oh proud you must be of your dad. His handiwork is truly beautiful Kate.

  6. What a clever Dad you have. Those timber treasures are beautiful!