Permaculture in Action

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Duck Deficiency

 One of Bill Mollisons permaculture principles is The problem is the solution. He is quoted as saying with regards to this principle, 'you don't have a snail problem you have a duck deficiency'.
 Our market garden had a duck deficiency which we have rectified....

We let them in for a few hours in the morning when the snails are most active and then let them back out before they do any damage to the seedlings.

And here are some photos of our new little chicks. We have moved them out of the basket into a chook house that Mark built.

6 out of the 8 eggs hatched. They each have feathery feet like their dad (or dads, as their were 3 roosters in with the hens at the time. One grey, one white and one red)

The geese are sitting on a heck of a lot of eggs. Goodness knows how many goslings we'll get. Any one interested in some geese?


  1. Lol - no thanks - we have our own geese problems here. I like the Duck deficiency principle though. xxx

  2. Oh those chicks are so cute! We wanted to hatch some but with our hiatus north, it won't be until we get back in mid Nov. I like your duck solution and might have to put it into practise in the new garden...... but you can keep your geese Kate, thanks anyway!!!

  3. I am glad you are now fortified with ducks! They look very happy.

  4. Oh they are sooooooo cute!! What beautiful chicks.

  5. I love poultry of all kinds! Yours look lovely. We are actually about to get some geese to eat the grass in the orchard but after reading the comments, I'm scared! What's the problem with geese?!

  6. I can just imagine what my neighbour wold say if I got geese ;-)

    This chicks are so cute. I hope they're all girls.

  7. Hi Linda, There's no real problem with geese. I love mine. But they have multiplied quite a lot and I need to reduce my flock.They can be noisy but that is one of the reasons why we have them, they let us know when strangers are about, and during breeding season they are noisier than usual.They can be aggressive but the ones we have at the moment aren't.