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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Visits

My youngest daughter Sarah is up for a few days from Melbourne. She's here to visit family and friends but was ever so keen to see her sister and see for herself that lovely bump.

We all spent the day together. First we visited my mum, then had lunch, cooked Rhonwyn's dinner, some anzac biscuits and as Rhonwyn's a hairdresser she gave us both a trim and a colour for Sarah.I helped Rhonnie with her knitting. She's making a little pair of pants for the baby and needed help increasing.It was lovely spending the day with them. I usually see Rhonwyn once or twice a week but I do miss the other 2 who both live in Melbourne. Sarah's coming to stay tomorrow night but leaves early Monday morning. Not nearly long enough. She is hoping to get back in late November for the baby shower. I hope so!

When I got home I could hear a cheeping sound on the verandah next to the door. A hen has been sitting on eggs for exactly 21days and the first of them has hatched.

Can you see it? It's so tiny.It's just there above the egg. The first bantam chicks I've had. She nested in the onion basket. 
I'll get better photos over the next few days as she starts to bring them out. Now what to name her, as it is a 'her'. I doused the eggs remember! Well, we'll see.

The WWOOFer is cooking dinner tonight, so it's nice to have a little time to catch up on my posts. They have been a little less frequent these days due to added pressures that always occur around this time of year on the farm, so I do apologise.


  1. It was lovely that you got to see your daughter for a while. (My eldest daughter is called Sarah too).

    I have cheeping sounds coming from our hen too. I did see a little head pop out briefly today. I will take my camera out tomorrow to get some photos...hopefully :)

    21 days exactly, isn't that amazing?

  2. Baby bumps of any size are gorgeous, aren't they? So much potential in one little bump!! My girl is finally showing hers and I think it feels a bit more real for her now!!
    I love those special times with older kids that you don't see all the time any more - so nice to have them around as adults and see all your hard work paying off!

  3. New life is springing up all over isn't it? I know you enjoyed visiting with your girls and how beautiful they are! xx

  4. Your girls are beautiful! I do like seeing my younger daughter every week, and elder daughter and her family are coming to visit very soon. happy times. xxx

  5. Your girls look like such lovely young women. You must feel like your parenting job is complete when you sit and teach your daughter to knit baby clothes! What a lovely picture that created for me.

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Can't tell you how blessed I feel having all you wonderful women in my life at the moment.Reading your comments and visiting your blogs means a lot to me!

  7. A lovely time for family,there is nothing like sisters getting together.
    Enjoy your little bantams, I am still waiting for mine to go clucky!