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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How Do You Know When It's Spring

Officially, here in Australia, Spring starts on the 1st of September, and the again, some say it doesn't start until the equinox on the 23rd September.
But I noticed a change in the air a few weeks ago. The shadows changed and the days got warmer - all of a sudden, it seemed!
I know it's Spring when.....

...I can smell jasmine in the air

... the plants are in full bloom

 ... the mulberry is fruiting up nicely

... the geese are starting to nest. This is 'Baby' the very first gosling hatched here on the farm. You can just see one of the many, many eggs she is sitting on, under her tail. My goodness there will be a lot of goslings if they all hatch!

It's t-shirt wearing weather, hayfever time, and warm enough at night to not have the fire going. There is a real promise of abundance in the air. The Earth is awakening and breathing deeply.  For sure it's Spring!


  1. I know it is Spring when...
    my eyes start to itch, my sinus clogs up, the jasmine assaults you as you let the dogs out in the morning, you spend the most time sneezing, your work load triples as you prepare for summer crops.
    I do love spring.

  2. Hehehehe... I have to agree partly with Mark above, there. Although, for us, it's not quite Spring yet. Or rather, its starting slowly. Yes, there is a hint of Jasmine in the air as I cycle the certain streets to work. And the days are getting long enough that I can spend half an hour in the garden whenI finish work. And there are beautiful blossoms all over the peach tree. Okay, so it's spring here too. But is definitely not t-shirt weather!

  3. We felt that change here a few weeks ago too. Unusual for our cold winters. And it has been a really cold Winter this year. I still remember the scent of jasmine growing over the front door of one of my childhood homes. Think I might need to put one in :)

  4. Had to laugh at Henry! Yes! The jasmine does assault you! I have a jasmine near my native frangipani and I'm very dissapointed that it overpowers the wonderful fragrance of the tree.
    However, yes, spring is here and it is wonderful - full of so much promise of plenty!

  5. Oh yes, hayfever and itchy eyes...I know them well. It does look like you place it waking up! Hooray for teeshirt weather! I hope Baby has lots of babies of her own and you take lots of pictures. xx

  6. As you feel your first breath of Spring, we just felt our first waft of cool air blow in this morning...after 100 degrees of temps all summer, it is a welcome sight. Happy Spring to you....and Happy Fall to us!

  7. you know it's spring when you can't stop sneezing and are forced to look up into the glorious sunshine and bask in the warmth to get those sneezes over with and see all the bounty that is around us!