Permaculture in Action

Friday, November 25, 2011

Beaten By The Rain

This is the first of our onion harvest....

and our garlic...

Here you can see the garlic braids. They have since been moved inside 

which we managed to get in before the rain on Monday night. If you wander over to Linda's, you will see rule no. 4 tells you to pick the garlic ( or onions ) in the right weather i.e. when it's dry. But we missed that opportunity and had to harvest it in the rain. It has rained for 4 days now and if we'd left them in the ground they would certainly have rotted sooooo, Mark and his daughter, Rebecca, have been working tirelessly to get the crop in, and hanging it to dry.

This is the last of the garlic. Tomorrow it will be moved into the movie room in front of the fans . Once dry Mark and Rebecca will clean it up and braid it. ( a messy job, they are both covered in mud)

Here's the bulk of it hanging in front of the fans. The onions are bunched and the garlic has been braided.
Not an ideal situation. We have our fingers crossed that it will dry well!


  1. That is a lot of work and I do hope they dry well.
    My onions and garlic are in the ground growing daily!

  2. what a huge harvest, how do you clean the garlic? I had lots of dirty braided garlic last year. Ours will get harvested in the next couple of weeks.

  3. They look so good! I hope they dry out well for you because that is a great harvest. Your vegie box customers will be very happy, I'm sure!

  4. ...And what a harvest it was! The way onions are braided is so beautiful. And they bring such a wonderful zing and loveliness to our meals. -heather

  5. They look great! i would like a post on how to braid garlic. Mine looks like a bunch of granny knots or something with bits sticking out everywhere.
    It must be a satisfying feeling to get that crop harvested and hanging up!

  6. I'm just trying to imagine the look on the faces of people who might come over to watch a movie....

  7. Actually we did have a movie on Thursday night( which we had to run inside for obvious reasons) and some people were pretty gobsmacked when they first went into the movie room expecting to see a movie , and instead, saw what was hanging there!

  8. hey Kate, what a wonderful harvest of garlic and onions.
    Shame the rain arrived when it did, but still good to get a lovely drop.
    We had 3 inches which was just wonderful.....

    Was it a Vampire movie you watched?

    Claire :}