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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Around The Farm

Mark has been away since last Monday, and took the camera with him, so I haven't had any photos to share with you or the time to do much blogging. With Mark away  I had to try to keep up with some of his jobs as well as my own. He went to Melbourne to do a 2 day course with David Holmgren. Lucky him! But he's home again and I'd like to share some photos....

We are picking 2 Kg of berries every day. Most goes into our CSA boxes but I have been freezing some and making jam

Corn and Zucchini patch then...

and now....

We are picking between 3 and 4 kg a day of zucchini and the corn is flowering. Next to the corn we planted beans which are now climbing up he corn stalks, with squash growing underneath, The American Indians      "3 Sisters".
So much has been going on around here. A Steiner School year 3 camp, a baby shower for my daughter, a tour by some year 12 students environment club. I went to a talk by Ted Trainer on Living simply. Nothing new in what he had to say really - basically stop consuming so much, but we all know that don't we. His suggestion to us all was to join Transition Towns and support what they are doing as , in his opinion, it is the only chance we have of making a real difference. Previously he hasn't had good things to say about TT but he said that was because they weren't going far enough but now he says if we all get in there and do something it has a chance!.
After that I had a lovely dinner in the park with some other Permies, before watching a new film  Growing Change-- A journey inside Venezuela's Food Revolution. It's a documentary by Simon Cunich. He spent a little time on our farm a few years ago and photos of our farm are on the film!
All our tours, workshops and courses are now finished for the year, so I hope that we can slow down a bit and gather our thoughts. We have many exciting things planned for the new year including some new projects!
But for now I need to take it easy for a while I think. I have some gifts to make for Christmas as well as some special things for my grandchild, as well as keep the market garden going. I hope to be more regular with my posts here as well. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Hi Kate... those berries look delicious! Am looking forward to hearing about Mark's course with David and of your plans for 2012. You have had a busy year so enjoy some quieter times.

  2. Love looking around your farm, Kate. I was excited this week to get my first berry off the logan berry bushes .... it was a big moment. Seeing your berries makes me see the future ahead and remember to keep looking after them!!
    Glad you will be back blogging again, I have missed your posts!

  3. Hi Kate - things have certainly been busy. We've been working on our three sisters as well, but have tried water melon instead of pumpkin. Its working a dream. I picked the first raspberry off the cuttings I brought up from our old Sydney garden. Yum!

  4. Oh you are busy! Seeing all your summer produce makes me envious. We have a nice fall garden growing, but I especially like the summer.

  5. My mouth is watering just looking at your beautiful garden! Especially those berries. Nothing better than freshly picked berries--and we have a long long wait for ours. :(