Permaculture in Action

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's Talk About Spring

We have most of our Spring plantings done....

There are new babies.....

The completion of a very successful Spring PDC ( permaculture design course)....

 This morning a bus load of Uni students turned up for a Farm Tour. They were a great bunch of young people and it gives me hope that things just might be OK.

We have had a busy spring. Just as the PDC was to start Mark's son and  his daughter and her partner and their 3 children moved into our tiny house. The lease was up on their rental and so far they have been unable to find a new place. It's been wonderful to have the grandchildren around and today I thought it would be nice to set up a Spring Nature Table....

Because Elizabeth is so taken with the little chicks  (31 in all)  I thought some pom pom chicks would be good to begin with, one yellow and one white.And a little bird in a nest. I'll see if she would like to help me felt some eggs.

It's fun to have little ones around!


  1. Oh your garden looks wonderful. I love it when everything is planted and the mulch is on the bed! It also reminds me to get out and plant some more! Loved your nature table, I had one of these in the kinder class I taught and it was one of the kids favourite places to visit in the morning when they arrived at school....the children are going to have a lovely time at your place.

  2. Your nature table has taken me back to my days working in child care...we used to come up with such wierd and wonderful things for our table...had forgotten all about it! Thank you for sharing!
    Very envious of your garden and how cute are those chicks...both the pompom and real! Enjoy having those young minds around and have a lovely weekend.

  3. Love the new little chicks and cute...CLUCKY!! Your garden will be great once it get going, I can't believe just how quickly all my veg have sprung up in the last couple of weeks!

  4. Hi Kate
    I'm sure baby chicks, baby plants and grandchildren are just what you need to surround yourself with at the moment. Enjoy

  5. Your pom pom chicks are adorable. We will have to make some for our Spring nature table :-) And thanks for popping past my blog and entering my give away. It's always lovely to hear from like minded people! We've just pout our kids names down to attend our local Steiner school. It is so beautiful and has a wonderful community feel! Warmly, Kelly