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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life's Like That

Some of you may have  been wondering what had become of me. Well I'm still here, but completely taken up with what life has had planned for me. In the words of John Lennon... "Life's what happens while you're busy making other plans.." or something like that!
Just a little run down of what's been going on here since last I posted.
We had a class from the Uni come out for a Tour, It was my birthday on 11/11/11 and after running a workshop for the council we had a picnic in the park and Rhonnie came out for tea. Then it was all hands on deck getting the farm ready for a class 3 camp form a Steiner school. We had 17, 8/9 year olds and 6 adults come and spend 2 nights camping in their tents. It rained the whole time but we didn't let that interfere with the fun. There were animals to feed, eggs to collect, sour dough bread to make, newspaper pots to make, potting mix to make and potatoes to plant.We needed to harvest vegies and prepare meals made from our lovely produce. It was a very busy couple of days and both Mark and I are exhausted. Mark reckons it's easier to hoe rows than look after children.. I think he could be right.
But no time to rest we needed to get ourselves ready for the council's Living Smart Festival where we were presenting a talk on Mandala Gardens and erecting a stall to show case the vents and workshops we have planned for next year. It went quite well with people showing interest in our calendar of events. And Marks talk was well received and he even attracted 2 interviews on ABC radio!
From there we rushed home to feed animals and be at a dinner by 6pm to deliver a speech to Permaculture North Sydney who were in the Hunter visiting some local Permaculture properties. We talked about community involvement from a purple pear perspective and how that relates to permaculture for us i.e. Chapter 14 in the Permaculture manual. We spoke about Transition Towns, LETS trading, Permablitzes, Citrus drive, Bike awareness, Festivals and much more. And this morning that same group came out to the farm for a tour and morning tea.
Some comments...
                          Fantastic. Real Permaculture. Thankyou
                          An inspiration to us all!
                          The sum of your accumulated knowledge and skills is infinite. Thanks for sharing it.
                           Your property has a wonderful energy. You walk your talk- congratulations, it's no mean feat!!

They were a great bunch of people and it was a real pleasure to have then on the farm. Showing people, who are really interested in Permaculture, around the farm is such a buzz.

That's just about it for us this year. I only have my daughter's baby shower next weekend and then I'll be able to draw breath. I would like to say a big thankyou to all you wonderful  people who left me such lovely comments after the death of my mum. They meant a lot to me. I hope to be able to get back to regular blog posts. And now if I could just find my camera!!!


  1. Nice to hear from you. Good luck finding your camera. It sounds like you've been too busy for housework! Maybe it's buried under a pile of washing!

  2. welcome back, Blimey you have been busy!


  3. It's good to see you back, Kate. You're doing some wonderful and interesting work there. No wonder you had no time for blogging. Great comments from the North Sydney mob and good to hear Mark got those intereviews. I hope you have a chance to rest a bit. Take care, love.

  4. Missed you Kate. Blogging is something that is great fun, but at the same time, it is good to have a break and be 'in the real world' for a time too. I can't believe how much you are achieving lately . Thanks for changing our world through your actions.

  5. Wow, just reading your blog made me tired. Hopefully you have some time to rest and re-charge now.

  6. Unfortunately I missed the PSN tour due to work commitments but would love to see your farm some time down the track. It sounds (and looks) amazing. The added dimension of teaching and education would surely draw a huge amount of your time. I can barely find time to make soap! No apologies needed in my opinion! All the very best. regards Serendipity2000

  7. "Life's like that" indeed...
    No wonder you've not had time for blogging! Your life is full and you are accomplishing much.

  8. Hi Kate. Its nice to hear that all is OK. I'm a member of Sydney North and there are great people there. Congrats on all the great work!

  9. Hi Kate

    I am so out of the loop and had no idea the council was running such a thing! Is there a site I need to keep my eyes on. And what is a citrus drive?? So much going on and we are clueless!!

    Mel (we've met a few times :) - I'm the homeschooler)