Permaculture in Action

Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome to the Newest Addition

We have been waiting for the arrival of a calf from Bella....

 We expected her to give birth in October, but no calf appeared. It seems that she had a phantom pregnancy.
Meanwhile while our attention was on said cow, young Patsy has silently and secretly been blossoming....
About 2 weeks ago it came to our attention that Patsy's udder was starting to grow, She was bagging up, which could only mean one thing. Just under 9 months ago a bull had got to her. We were unsure when the calf would be born as we had no idea when the bull visited. We hoped that it might have appeared for the visiting school children, but sadly no. But late yesterday afternoon we discovered this....

A beautiful little heifer

Here she is with her mum and grandmother.
It will be so good to have creamy fresh milk again!


  1. How fabulous! I am curious as to how you balance the calf's milk needs with harvesting for yourselves. (I'm assuming you mean you will start milking soon.) Is it simply a supply-and-demand thing, like as if a cow was feeding twins?

  2. Awww, how lovely and wonderful photos! Enjoy your milk!
    Jode x

  3. Nothing like freshly harvested Jersey milk, and the cream for butter making is divine.


  4. Oh, beautiful!! Jersey milk is just so creamy! I think we would like a jersey cow one day least she wouldn't be so intent on eating my apple trees like the goats are!

  5. That's wonderful! And I'm curious about the phantom pregnancy thing - is that common?

  6. I am so envious Kate! I have been looking for a good milk cow for about a year now with no luck. I hope you enjoy all the blessings she will give!

  7. How wonderful! This is one thing I would really love - to have my own house cow, a little Jersey just like yours. I was eyeing off some raw milk at the co-op yesterday, reduce to half price. I would have bought it but I was on my way to a meeting and didn't have an Esky in the car. When I got up this morning I wished I had it in the fridge so I could have some cold for breakfast.

    What will you name the calf?

  8. What a gorgeous little calf and how wonderful to have some fresh milk again!