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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have a lot of Casuarina (She Oak) suckering around our duck pond....

Over time they become overcrowded and need thinning out. The smaller ones we transplant to windbreaks around the farm, but some are too big and today we chose one for our Christmas Tree..

Once Christmas is over the leaves and branches will go back to the garden as mulch and the trunk will be used to make some toy fences for our grand son for his birthday next year. No waste!

Mark has been busy over the past 2 days robbing hives and collecting honey...

Here he is decapping a frame. This is our food prep. room where we wash, sort , weigh and pack our vegies.  The milk is bottled here and of course the honey is collected here too.
We bottled some up into cute little jars, capped them with some upcycled, reclyced paper  and made some labels. It was great fun.

And here's one gift ready for family when they come to lunch tomorrow. Home made berry jam, honey and a garlic braid!

The little dress I started for our baby grand daughter is up to the crotchet edge stage and I'm just in the process of learning how to crotchet. I've still got a few days yet!

I still have one small gift to make for Christmas and then I'm done. Then I need to get on with a couple of gifts for 2 new little babes. Both little girls - 1 , a new grand daughter for my brother and his wife, and the other the  4th grand child for a dear friend, who by the way has another due in Jan. and then my grandchild comes next.
If I'm to get gifts for them all I'd better get moving. 
How are your Christmas gifts going?

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  1. I need to get cracking on finishing something for that granddaughter as well! See you soon. xx