Permaculture in Action

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Developing Community.

It's not often that an opportunity like this presents itself. It is so vital that food producing land, close to settlements maintain their purpose for growing food. Occasionally,  opportunities arise, to develop community incorporating food production with housing, on the urban fringe.
One such opportunity has presented itself. The land is currently zoned rural, but surrounding land has previously been bought by developers with the intention for residential development, with a forecasted rezoning of between 5-10 years.
With proper planning, housing could be incorporated into a rural setting making food production possible as well as providing medium/high density housing and community common land.
To seize this opportunity we need to source the financing of the land from people with community development in mind ( in contrast to the abject greed of your typical land developer).
We would love to hear from people who a would love to be a part of this opportunity for developing community with investment of money/ time/ ideas/ support etc.
Money is important at this early stage to secure the land before it is snapped up by developers.
Here is a little something from a friend along the lines of development, if you care to look.


  1. Hi Kate. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but have you met Compass Housing yet? They are an affordable housing provider based out of Newcastle and are top shelf. I met with them a few months ago and they mentioned they are starting to think about food production as part of the communities they build. I thought then I should introduce you. If that's of interest, let me know.

  2. Thanks Sandy. they have actually been in touch with us, looking to run some food production course, but if you have contacts, it's always good to keep us in mind for anything going. This post is singularly about saving a farm from developers!