Permaculture in Action

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Interesting Reading

While in Melbourne on a course with David Holmgren, a couple of weeks ago, Mark was told about this site.  Mother Earth News, The original guide to living wisely, covers just about everything to help guide us on our simple living path. There are articles on preserving, cheesemaking ,gardening , green energy, health etc etc. I found this article very interesting and  the house would be quite appropriate for  our intentional community, I think.. There are blogs to visit and the Canadian Cam Mather   reminds me a lot of Mark and his no nonsense approach to life.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It has finally stopped raining here and we can actually see blue skies. Might even get some washing done, certainly a little Christmas crafting.

                             Kate xx


  1. Thanks Kate, yes the weekend is progressing beautifully. We have had a week of gorgeous spring sunshine with 20 degree days and though it's cooler today with south west winds it's still sunny!! And I'm very grateful for that!!
    I have a couple of old Mother Earth News mags and there's some interesting info in there. I also have a lot of very early Grass Roots and Earth Gardens and it's just so funny looking through them and wondering where all those (then) young 'hippies' are now!! Hey I could be one of those....yikes!!

  2. I grew up with the Mother Earth Magazine always coming in the house every month, it's wonderful.
    Glad your rain has stopped and I hope you have a wonderful time crafting.