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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fruit Fly Nets

On New Years Day we had an email from a friend with a small mixed orchard to say that she had some ripe peaches ready to harvest and would we like some to preserve. Yes please! She said that she had netted them this year with nets purchased from Green Harvest, and they seemed to have been successful.  So we jumped in the ute for a lovely country drive to her farm.

Jane had netted her peach trees, and although only small trees, they were covered with fruit. We took most of the peaches from three of the trees and got 15Kilos.

The nets proved to be very successful. Not only was there no fruit fly but Jane says that the net protected the fruit from birds as well. Jane also has nashi pears which she didn't bother to net because they aren't particularly fond of nashis. She asked if we like to take some and we thought we'd have a go at preserving some. But when we got them home the whole box had been stung by fruit fly, so it appears that the nets on the peaches worked a treat. ( the nashi I had to feed to the ducks and chooks)

 At home this year we lost a lot of fruit to fruit fly and birds, so I will be getting some of these nets for the next fruit season.


  1. Wow - what a clear demonstration of effectiveness! I might need to get some small ones for my tiny little trees next year.


  2. We are fortunate here in Tas that we don't have fruit fly and after living on the mid north coast of NSW for years, trying to fight the little beggars, I can tell you it's a relief!!
    We also miss out on white ants, fruit bats and foxes...... not bad, I think!

  3. Hey Kate, how delicious do those peaches look....15 kg. wonderful, shame about the nashis but I'm sure the chooks and ducks enjoyed them.

    Our peaches looked wonderful then we had some humid weather and the brown rot appeared and that was just about that. I managed to use some of the goods ones but it was such a shame. Our orchard is netted so the crop was looking good.........

    Claire :}

  4. thanks for this tip...I'll be looking these up for our apple trees!

  5. I think I will have to find some nets for my apple and pear trees. I pruned them heavily and got a much better crop this year but still needs more help.

  6. Hi Kate! Those peaches look very good. We only got a few of ours before birds took the most, however it was mostly a fungal problem, I think, which took the majority of them so I shall need to fix that by next season. The plums were beautiful as usual and we managed some of those before the birdies got 'em. I think netting is the go!

    Was hoping to see you over the break however am back at work again now, so shall hopefully catch up soon. Maree x

  7. How yummy! You've certainly been enjoying wonderful harvests this summer! I can't wait until our trees produce more but we can still count our nectarines and peaches individually. Btwn five and ten. Hopefully next year we'll get enough to bother weighing. I need a friend like Jane!

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