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Monday, January 9, 2012

One Man's Trash another man's treasure.

This is some of the 'trash' that arrived in a trailer the other day. It all started because we needed to get our house cow, Bella, to the bull. We needed a trailer to get her there, and so decided to hire one, and thought maybe we could get a deal as we only needed it for a short while. As it happened the trailer was full of rubbish at the owners house and if Mark would take it to the dump and pay for the cost of dumping it he could have it for the day. Yea, sure Mark says.

Now, as it happens we use guinea pigs to keep the grass down in and around the garden....

and just before Christmas we decided we needed to increase production on the guinea pig front so we put a male in with our 3 females and ta da.........

There are 11 babies altogether
So we have been on the look out for materials for more cages. We've been checking out the second hand building centres and the dump shops but haven't found anything suitable. But in one afternoon we get a trailer for nothing and keep some good resources from going into land fill, the cow to the bull, and in the pile of trash, this guinea pig cage....

Here it is after a few repairs. It needed a little house and wire underneath.
....and here it is with guinea pigs at work keeping the grass down between the rows!

But not only that, in the pile of trash is a bird aviary, some chicken wire, some tin, another cage, a dog kennel and some really great shelving. When Mark took the trailer back he mentioned the shelving and the guy says there's more and he can have it for a carton of beer!.
Do you ever have those sort of days when everything just clicks into place!


  1. Ah, what cute little lawnmowers! We had guinea pigs when I was a kid and I have very fond memories of several litters of babies.
    Well done on your salvaging.

  2. Wow! It was all meant to happen, wasn't it? Great recycling guys. Im impressed! And I just love the guinea pigs, but I'm glad it's you looking after them, not me. I hate cleaning out guinea pig cages!

  3. What a really need way to keep down the grass and weeds. I love this idea!

  4. Way to go! I think our husband's would get along very well, they are cut from the same cloth!

  5. Oh yeah, gotta love those guinea pigs! We have 6 of them - some of which are show pigs and being bred by my 14yo dd - and they do a great job of mowing!! We don't have the wire on the bottom of the cages because they don't burrow and it makes keeping the grass down easier for them... the cages must be on flattish ground though or they go for little walks!!
    I'm impressed with the cages between the rows of garlic and will put it into practise when we plant ours.

  6. Sounds like a bonus day for you! What a great haul.

  7. Well done Kate, you scored big time.....I think everyone's a winner this time round.

    Love the idea of guinea pig lawn mowers too....

    Hope your week is going well, we are have a nice cool spell, delightful...

    Claire :}

  8. Well done! What good finds. I'm sure they will be put to good use.

  9. How wonderful that it worked out so well. You guinea pigs really are very cute :)

  10. As a person who has a lot of animals, I would say you hit the jackpot...that guinea pig cage is just awesome! Who, in their right mind, would throw all that stuff away? Congrats!

  11. what a bounty of goods! love the guinea pig solution to grass in rows - wonder if there are any more trailers filled to the brim with quality junk around here? love a good recycle story

  12. do you keep them in the same spot for a little while so they can eat there own poo? or the soft pellet?