Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Community Project

A community garden in a neighbouring council was host to an Earthbag building workshop.It was funded by the council and open to all. Mark and I were lucky enough to gain a place.The workshop was run by a young couple. A young Australian woman, Beck and a young Brazilian, Marcello. Beck studied Architecture in Australia and then spent the last 3 years in Brazil learning to build with the earth. Earthbag building is their preferred style because of the speed at which a structure can be completed.

Soil type is important and should contain some clay so that when it is stamped down it compacts. Ideally you would use soil from your site but in this instance the soil is contaminated (all garden beds are raised) and soil had to be bought in.

The design brief was for a small wall around 3 shade trees including seating.
Design finalised and trench dug.

Bags are filled and placed in the trench....

and tamped down.....

The process continues...
See the buckets. arch......

and a seat...

Whew! what a big day. Stay tuned for the finished structure.


  1. wow - that looks like hard yakka! It should last a long time though. Love the seat! I look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

  2. Fantastic! And I love the fact the council were supportive. I think I saw something similar on facebook from Milkwood Permaculture. Keep keeping me informed! I love it!

  3. YOu have me intrigued with this Kate, I have never seen anything like it. I love that you and Mark continue to learn new things, even though you already have a wealth of gardening knowledge up your sleeves!
    Looking forward to seeing the next step.

  4. Amazing!! I haven't seen this building technique before - what fun. Looking forward to seeing its completion (and that arch!).

  5. Wow! Cool building technique, reminds me of a cross between mudbrick and haybailing!