Permaculture in Action

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Morning Harvest

This is what we picked this morning. It  will go into the boxes today, along with some previously harvested produce like garlic, onions and squash.....

840 gms beans

105 gms parsley

2.1 kg lettuce

670gms silverbeet

3.5 kilo zucchini

10. 8 kilo cucumber

1.2 kilo salad mix

2.275 kilo tatsoi

575 gms basil

The first of the rockmelons. 1.6 kilo

And a little glimpse at what we did on the weekend. But more of that tomorrow.


  1. Last pic looks interesting!!! will have to wait patiently to get more..

  2. my goodness, your vegetables are glowing and just perfect. yum. do you sell at a famers market kate?

    1. Nearly all our food goes into our CSA boxes. On Mondays if there is any left over I take it to the school where I drop off the boxes and sell to the parents. Today it was cucumber and lettuce That was in abundant supply and I was able to sell most of it.

  3. It all looks so wonderful Kate. It does make me excited for my spring garden to start producing.
    It that an outdoor oven you're working on? I would love to make one here. Guess I need to wait for your next post. :)

  4. Love your work Kate! WE had 30-40 rockmelons this season but the majority of them were bitten by some nasty borer of sorts, so we only harvested about half a dozen. We did get lovely rockmelon flavoured eggs for weeks

  5. Wow, what a harvest! We have started getting eggplants, lots of cucumbers and tomatoes...but nothing like your magnificent haul. It must feel great feeding people all those organic vegetables!!