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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slow Living - Month by Month

I'm joining in with Christine a look at what we've been doing in the month of January. I've enjoyed reading through Christine's blog and think it a great idea to see what others are up to on their mindful journey's. Care to join us, pop on over to Slow Living Essentials.


NOURISH - We plan our meals around what we have growing in the garden. This month that has meant meals featuring tomatoes and zucchinis. See here and here for a couple of favourites.

PREPARE - We've made yoghurt and cheese from milk from our house cow.  We've canned peaches from fruit from a friends orchard, Bottled roma tomatoes fresh from the garden,frozen beans, robbed the bees, and frozen chocolate zucchini cake.

REDUCE - Reused bottles and jars for preserving and the bags that our oats come in were used to freeze the beans

GREEN - WE use sticky fly paper for flies

GROW - we have been  harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, lettuce, tatsoi, silverbeet, capsicum, basil, parsley, corn.

CREATE- I'm always knitting or sewing. It's my evening relaxation activity. I've knitted this dress for my nephew's new little girl...

.... and sewed a pair of booties for a friends new little boy. These were made from scrap fabric from the op shop. Forgot to take a photo before I gifted them but they looked similar to these....

DISCOVER  - I've discovered Christine's blog.

ENHANCE  - We have been involved in starting an intentional village on the property next door, bringing together various members of the community

ENJOY  - We enjoyed the birthday celebration of a dear friend. Wonderful music, great food and the company of fantastic people.

What a wonderful way to review the month and to see what others have been up to. Very inspiring. What have you been up to this last month?


  1. Hi Kate, lovely to meet you and even lovelier to have you joining in!

    We seem to have many similar interests - looking forward to exploring your blog further!

    (Brilliant tip re. the air removal in the bean bags for freezing - I may just give this a go ;))

  2. What a great way to live in the moment and remember the month.
    I think the little dress is so very sweet, but I really love the slippers. I am so envious of anyone who can sew!
    Have a super weekend.

  3. a truly inspiring month kate. your little dress is adorable and the slippers too. such fun to make baby things. you must be very excited as you wait to become grandparents. febuarys report will surely be a special one!

  4. Gorgeous little knitted dress, what a lucky little girl. My knitting skills are unfortunately only straight up and down... plenty of scarves!
    As for having a house cow? Lucky you :-)

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