Permaculture in Action

Friday, February 3, 2012

Something Mistress

We are lucky enough to have a spare room that I've been able to set up as a play room for the little ones we have staying at the moment.

I got some of my girls things down from the attic., the highchairs that their pop made and  some dolls. From the op shop I got some old scarves, cups and saucers, wooden bowls and plates, a little kitchen dresser, some books and blocks and much much more to make the playroom a fun place to be. I've knitted and sewed some dolls clothes. Elizabeth aged 4 1/2 loves to come in and play,, often asking me or pop to come and play or read her a story "when you've finished working"

Her pop bought two books for the play room and we have started reading them to her.....

The top one is a story of a little girl who is shown some fairy houses that have been made in the woods. She decides to make one, following the rules that nothing artificial or living be used. The bottom book is full of photos of various fairy houses. Elizabeth loves the fairy house story, and when she left yesterday, I thought it would be nice to create a little fairy house for her. I used things that were from the playroom and set up a scene under the desk in the room.

Some flower fairies, some earth workers, shells and crystals and a little wooden figure. While I was out she popped in to visit her pop and have a little play. She came running out to Mark saying that "Something mistress is going on" Mark was a little perplexed, but Elizabeth took him by the hand to show him the "mistress' thing.  Ah! thought Mark, something mysterious!!!


  1. Just the thing for your young visitors.

  2. What a wonderful place to visit, 'mistress' good fun!

  3. so sweet, it was so lovely of you do all that kate. love that kind of mistress!