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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Parties at The Farm

There is something very satisfying when when you are able to meet a need while doing something you love. I live on a farm which I love. I love little children and I was an early childhood teacher for many years and not so very long ago, a special needs teacher.We have managed to create a beautiful farm, which has a good feel about it. We are able to provide education  and food for those looking for an alternative.

And now for quite a while, little children have been on my mind (could have been heavily influenced by becoming a grandma). I some times miss my days working with young children. And I think about all the challenges that there are for young parents who are looking for something different than what is currently available to them, for their children

So things started ticking over in my mind. How do I combine the things I love to do, and fill a need?  I came up with a farm based birthday party. It was to be very simple, and child centred around ordinary things that happen on the farm, like, feeding the ducks and chooks......

I made little baskets out of milk containers to carry the bread for the animals.  I picked up the old bread from our local organic shop. 

Fresh, home made, preservative free, nourishing food.

 Tricia and I held our first Farm Birthday Party a few weeks ago...

There was time for opening presents

And time to do farm things
Collect the eggs

Grab a bean to eat

Pat the guinea pigs

Feed and pat Sir Bowie Charles
Then time for birthday cake

Berry milkshake

And a seasonal story

With a small take home gift for each child. A jar of honey and sunflower seeds this time to go with the story.

It was a huge success. I have one more party booked and 2 enquiries. Parents of the children at this party are full of praise, saying it was the best party their children had been to. They came home happy without the usual hype associated with other parties they had been to. All that I had hoped for.  I am so thrilled!!

It was wonderful to have Tricia along with me for this first party, but she has since decided that we are just a little too far away for it to be possible on a regular basis, so I'm on my own from now. Thanks Tricia for all your help and encouragement and I look forward to Little Eco's party in just a little while.


  1. Looks fantastic, bet the kids had lots of fun. Wish I wasn't two states away otherwise I'd be booking a party too! :)

  2. Oh Kate, like Meeka I would be booking a party as well for my grandchildren. Shame I live in Qld. Hope you get lots of bookings.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  3. How wonderful, looks you have found a niche in the market so go for it girls. Have you got contingency plans for wet weather? Love the idea of the honey and sunflower seeds, makes a pleasant change from the usual junk kids are given at parties.

  4. What a super idea Kate! I wish you all the best in this and have a feeling it will be a success!

  5. Fantastic Kate, my kind of party!!! Fruit and cakes made with wholemeal flour featured heavily at Belles last party, though we did have soft drink. :( Good on you! What a great idea!

  6. What a wonderful thing to have an idea and then put it into practice. I am sure that your parties will become very popular. You are living the dream.

  7. That is a perfectly, awesome idea! It is a win win situation....great party for the child and you get to have some fun with all the wee ones too! A good way to introduce children to the joys of farming!

  8. That's genius Kate - good on you!!!

  9. This is such a special way to celebrate kiddies' birthdays, Kate. How wonderful it would've been to have something like this around when my ones were small. I really wish you all the best with your venture, you've put so much thought into it..all the little details right down to the glass drink bottles - gorgeous! And the take home goodies hands down beat a sugar filled plastic lolly bag anyday! :)

  10. Hi I would love to have my daughters birthday party at your farm, such a wonderful idea :) I was just wanting to know where you are located and prices you charge. If you could email me at that would be fantastic. Thankyou

  11. Kate, I missed this post when you wrote it but saw the parties featured on Tricia's blog, knew you must have written about them, and here I am. What a wonderful idea. The party looks so good, I wish I'd been invited. If you want to advertise them on the forum near your courses, just send me the info and I'd happily put it up for you.

  12. I came here from Rhonda's 'Down to Earth' link. What an absolutely beautiful idea. Good luck with it. It made me so wish to have a little farm of my own to do the same thing :)

  13. I'm another visitor from Rhonda's "Down to Earth" link. I love your blog, and what a lovely party idea.

  14. Lovely idea for a party - I bet all the kids slept well that night, full of fresh air and good food!

    Cheers - Joolz

  15. I too missed the original post, but I think this is such a wonderful idea. The kids will always remember a party like this.

  16. Such a great idea...I bet all city kids would love a party at your farm. Thanks for sharing. x

  17. Followed the link from Rhonda's "Down to Earth" blog. Wonderful idea - fresh air, fresh healthy food and fresh activities for a birthday party! Very well done :). Congratulations on your first success and wishing you many more.
    Cheers, Robyn