Permaculture in Action

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Reading

A new (for me ) blog.

Lot of life in one Place

Permaculture in action enjoy. And have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

Oh and by the way we had a Sour Dough Bread workshop here today. Participants have just left, and here's a shot of the bread rolls they made and ate for lunch..

Every body left with a sour dough starter in a little jar and a feeling of confidence that they will be able to make themselves their daily bread.


  1. One day Kate I am going to surprise you and show up for one of your great classes!
    Have a great weekend and thanks for the new to me blog too!

    1. And what a wonderful surprise that would be, Tracey

  2. Fantastic Kate! Everyone should at least have a go at making their own bread, coz it's not that hard but most people think it's some complicated process. We hate it when we run out of homemade and need to buy from the shops.