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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Wrap Up

learThis time last Friday we had just experienced the birth of a new little soul, so most of the weekend was focused around the babe and his mum and dad.
But Monday was back at work on the farm, picking and packing food for distribution through our CSA. We are still picking beans, cucumbers, tatsoi and mixed salad. There has been some rockmelon, last year they didn't do too well due to lack of rain and now they seem to be rotting due to an over abundance of rain!!! There are still eggs but they are slowing down a little.And of course there are still garlic and onions to add.

My main job on the farm is propagation and the seed order arrived the other week...

This week we have been sowing peas. 100's of them.Sugar snap, snow peas and shelling peas. I sow into potting mix and the men have been sowing straight into the prepared beds.

I spent a day down at my daughters cooking up a weeks supply of food for them, and back in our own kitchen I have gone back to a weekly menu. We started this a few years back but it went by the wayside. But I was reminded of it by Kate at Foxes Lane, and have been compiling one for the past 2 weeks and it is working a treat. We sit down and plan a menu, based around what we have and then make up a shopping list for what we need. Each day we both know exactly what to cook for the evening meal. I know what legumes need soaking and usually do enough for the whole week. Thanks Kate, for the reminder.

I am a member of an Anthroposophical  group and we weet once a fortnight to study the writings of Rudolf Steiner. The current book is "Christ and The Human Soul".  Gives us lots to think about!

I have for a very long time been wanting to get myself back to yoga classes, but find it very difficult, so when the opportunity arose at a recent festival in Newcastle I bought a DVD of a yoga class, and both Mark and I try to do a class most nights. Yoga is so good for me on so many levels. It has proved to be so good I have just sent away for more DVDs.

This morning we picked salad, cucumbers, capsicums, beans, shallots, carrots, tatsoi, bokchoy, parsley, basil and ,silverbeet, for our boxes.

Don't forget, if you live close by to pop over to the Fairshare Festival. Mark and I are speaking and Tricia is running a workshop on learning to live better on less. Hope to see some of you there. Have a great weekend.


  1. Oh Kate, you will have to try my sister's yoga classes at Belford! She has the ' The yoga shed' , the building is absolutely gorgeous, you would love it.Google it, it should come up.
    You have so inspired me to get seed raising again! Thankyou.

  2. i wish we lived near, i would love to belong to your csa. dvds are the only way i can afford yoga here, classes are 15 to 20 dollars each. yoga today also has streaming videos at good prices, you might check them out.

    1. Yes Lori ann They are the same price here!

  3. I find it so interesting to read how things are done in your part of the world compared to ours. Our CSA planting is just about complete and now for mother nature to do the rest!

  4. It's so busy in your world at the moment. Evan is such a cute baby, I send my best wishes to Rhonnie and her partner. Take care, Kate. I send love and hugs. Oh, great photo of the book in the shop window. It's nice seeing it in various places all over the country.

  5. So glad you are actually making the time for your yoga mum! yay! love sarah. xx