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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Slow Living - Month by Month.

Joining in once again with Christine at Slow living Essentials for a look at what's been happening in the month of February.
 Yes I know it's getting on into March, but I'm in catch up mode at the moment, and so a quick post is all you get!

Reduce. Made 9 little bread pails from milk containers for the Farm Birthday Party (more about this soon, I promise) guests to feed the ducks

         Encouraged our family guests to change over to cloth nappies. Amazing the difference in the amount of garbage in our bins!!!!

Prepare;  Cheese and yoghurt from our cows milk.
               Lemon juice frozen and stored in ice trays. Mark got lemons from a friends tree when he went to make over her tree for her.
               And fig jam from figs from the same person.

Nourish;  Making sure my daughter Rhonwyn was well nourished with good home baked meals during her last month of pregnancy. Maybe I over did it considering the size of the babe!

Green; Made citrus cleaner with lemon peelings and vinegar.

Grow; A wide range of seasonal produce. We have had such a good season this year. So much rain. This last month cucumbers would have to be our biggest producers. On Mondays I drop the CSA boxes off at a school where I am able to set up a little stall of any produce that is in excess. It is very satisfying to see young children walking around after school munching on whole cucumbers!

Discover; It was a month for discovering earth building. One weekend at a community workshop building an earthbag wall...

and a trip to Sydney to hear Mike Reynolds talk about Earth Ships--A radically sustainable home made from recycled materials. Wow, now that was inspiring. Houses made for as little as $7,000 and providing relief housing for earthquake victims in Haiti.

I discovered Rhonda's book in a bookstore on the way to Sydney last week...

Enhance; That would have to be the community gathering for the building of the earthbag wall in a community garden.

 Enjoy; My daughters coming up to see their pregnant sister in the hope that she would give birth while they were here. That was not to be but we enjoyed their visit anyway, and now they will just have to come back to see their nephew. Another visit , goody.

Create; There's always something on the go here. Ah let's see. Maybe this little doll and her outfits. She still needs a face...

 I got the idea originally from Plain and Joyful Living and then went to the link she provides.Such an easy pattern and a great gift for a little girl.

That's me for the month. Please check out Christine's blog and see what others have been up to.


  1. A busy month for you, Kate - great to have you joining in again! I love those little bread pails you made - I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your birthday parties. The earth ship talk sounds fantastic..I saw a doco on them a year or so ago and was completely hooked!!

  2. I think the birthday party idea is an awesome one! At our children's parties we often had a poddy calf to feed as one of the activities and it was such a hit!

  3. I know a bit about Earthships, as there is one in Scotland - such a great idea. I so want to come to one of your courses - hope your birthday party plans go well.
    Love that picture of your daughter - oh my- she did so well getting her boy out! I hope you are enjoying lots of grandmotherly cuddles. xxx

  4. Yes you have been busy - I love this, such great ideas coming out of the slow living idea - I am joining in next month. Great little doll - I must make one of those for my grand daughter. It looks as though it will use up all those scraps of yarn.