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Friday, March 2, 2012

From The Mists Of Time

                                              In the vast blue there shone a star
                                              And you came to us from afar
                                              From the mists of time unto the Earth
                                              And brought you to your place of birth.

                  This morning my daughter delivered a beautiful little big boy. 10lbs 13 oz.

We are all quite in shock at his size, especially my daughter who eventually pushed him out. I was privileged to be there with her and her husband as we welcomed the babe into the world. It was very hard labour for her and she was amazing .

                      ' ..... and so together they travelled over the rainbow bridge and down the spiral staircase until they came to a big gate. The child felt a little anxious about leaving his wonderful home, but with courage in his heart and his Angel beside him, he went through the gate and a little baby boy was born upon the earth..' - Beyond The Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Congratulations - may he bring much joy to you and your family :)

    If this is your 1st grandchild - well, the grandparent club is the best in the world - I can HIGHLY recommend it :)

    1. Hi Dani, yes he is the first from one of my daughters, but I am lucky to have some step grandchildren also!

  2. oh congratulations oma kate! welcome to the world beautiful baby! love the poems. many blessings to all. xxx lori

  3. Woo hoo!!!! A big congrats from one new granny to another!! And we thought our 9lb 5oz porker was big!
    You have both been on my mind this last week and I am so happy it all worked out for your girl - she does look exhausted though.....and no wonder!
    All the very best for your new little family.

  4. Little boys are the BEST!!!

  5. Must be the year for big babies. He looks like he is ready to set out for school any tick of the clock. Congratulations to all concerned.

  6. 10lbs!! Glad all is well.

    Welcome little big boy :-)

  7. Congratulations he is gorgeous and well done to his mummy on all of her hard painful work bringing him into the world!!

  8. Congratulations Kate, he is adorable! Bless your daughter's heart, ten pounds is a big boy. I hope mother and son are resting comfortably and I know you must be on cloud nine!

  9. Oh my - he is just gorgeous - welcome Earthside beautiful soul
    Congratulations Grandma xxx

  10. Congratulations to you all for the precious treasure of a new life in your family.

  11. Congratulations and lots of love to you all.

  12. Welcome little darling! He's beautiful Kate! Congratulations. I hope your daughter gets a chance to rest - she looks very tired. I'm so glad he's finally arrived. The blog grandbabies have been quite lazy lately!

  13. Hey Kate what an amazing moment to share with your daughter..........
    10lbs 13oz she has done a wonderful job, congratlulations to you all.

    I'm sure this not so little fella will be much loved by all.

    Claire x

  14. Beautiful, congratulations to you all. An outstanding effort from your daughter! xx

  15. Congrats Kate!! That's magic but I do feel for your very brave and long suffering daughter...

  16. This nothing to do with babies but have you seen this,

    Just thought you'd be interested.

  17. Welcome little one. Although he's not so little!

    Hope Rhonnie is well and gaining her strength. Love from us all, Ree xx

  18. Congratulations, and how wonderful that you were there!

  19. Are you going to post some more photos soon? Those of us all the way down here in Melbourne are suffering for lack of Nephew photos!

    How about some shots of Grandma and bub?