Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My blog has been sadly neglected, but it's not the only one. My jobs on the farm have also been falling behind, thankfully Mark has taken up the slack. I'm feeling just a little streeeeeeetched, at the moment

Thankyou one and all for your loving comments and warm welcome to the wee babe (I know, not so wee but a new born none the less and still so very cute). They've named him Evan by the way. Rhonnie did have a hard time and needed a blood transfusion in the end and so is still very weak, but at home now and feeling much more comfortable. Being such a large babe , he is quite a hungry lad and feeding continually. Consequently Rhonnie is getting more and more tired, and so I have have been trying to make things a little easier by making some meals, and travelling down to see her every day. And as hard as it is to think of anything else I must focus back onto the goings on of the farm. So just one or two photos for the aunts in Melbourne....

( I promise I'll get some better ones of me and Evan soon)

I love this one of him

There has been so much going on here apart from babies, that I'll have to let you know about soon!
Tomorrow we have someone coming to interview us from a gardening magazine and on Saturday we will be giving a talk at The Fair Share Festival. Our talk will be about Chapter 14 from the Permaculture Designers Manuel-.Strategies for an Alternative Nation. Permaculture offers clear and practical ways of dealing with the challenges we face, how to grow build and manage natural systems for human and earth needs. But unless we change the social and economic areas of society none of this will work. So we will be looking at ways in which true changes can be brought about, changes beyond the garden or farm, that allows for a fair share for all!


  1. I love the fair share principle! Wish I lived closer because that is a talk I would love to come to.

    By the way Evan is beautiful and I'm sure he is puckering up for a kiss! What a beautiful mouth!

  2. Take care of yourself as well, Baby Evan is just beautiful!

  3. Congratulations Kate - he's beautiful! I hope Rhonnie regains her strength quickly and enjoys these precious times.

  4. such a special time, you sound like the best nanna ever, so much cuteness.

  5. He is gorgeous. As a mum of a newborn (and a big constantly feeding one too!) I can tell you how wonderful it is that you are going so often to be with your family. I know how welcome an extra pair of hands are!!

  6. Congratulations , Kate....he is just beautiful!

  7. new life, what a wonder to share in it all, and I bet your daughter is very happy with the help. He looks very happy and contented. I hope you share more of your talks with us that are too far away to get to them!