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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Night of Fun

We have 15 people staying here at the moment. Family, some guests from Austria and a WWOOFer from Canada. Just a few weeks ago we tried to get an eco village up and running, but the land for sale didn't eventuate. There were over 40 people interested in that project and they still are, but in the mean time we have community here already and one of the things that really excited us about the eco village was the prospect of  shared music and food nights, and what with the number of people here we thought we'd give it a go.......

So a stage was set up in front of our mural (painted a few years ago by a WWOOFer). And Mark set out the rules for the night. "the rules are that there are no rules. But we would like everyone to participate and not make excuses for their lack of talent." (A very hard request when you are challenged in the talent department.)...

First we were entertained by a young magician. "Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"...

And the a mother daughter duo. First a round in German and the one in English...Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree. acrobat...

and then a shared meal....

...and then on came the pied piper. Luckily my fingers remembered how to play "Speed Bonnie Boat" from when I was teaching at the Steiner school

Followed by the Bush Poet, Mark with Banjo Paterson's "Bush Christening"

And Grandmother and grandson duet..

And last but not least our fire twirling WWOOFer
He's not on fire, I promise!

                                           What a great way to end the night.


  1. How fabulous, what an exciting night.

  2. Replies
    1. made me remember the Kookaburra sits in an old gum tree song from my Lions exchange in 2001! I can't believe it's such a long time ago. We spend a lovely international week in Halls Gap, Victoria

  3. How wonderful! I can see why you would enjoy communal evenings. Instant party!!!

  4. oh wow kate, this looks awesome, what a fun family gettogether! you look cute as the pied piper.

  5. Amazing, love it, love sarah. xx

  6. What a wonderful idea Kate and it's great if everyone joins in....talented and otherwise.

    I think I would've recited a poem or two as well........I'm also a fan of Banjo Patterson and Clancy of the Overflow or Mulga Bill's Bicycle would've been my picks.

    Cute little magician and the fire twirling photos are very effective.

    Claire :}