Permaculture in Action

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Purple Pear Permaculture Playgroup

Don't you just love all those P's
Here's a few photos from  playgroup today..

Aggie, the dog,  just loves to get in on the act. She is such a lovely child friendly dog and basically lies down like this with all the children. I set up a play area on the verandah with a rug and cushions from the op shop.

We made breadrolls, and while they baked we fed the chickens and collected the eggs.  The work around the farm gives you an appetite and so we wander back to the house for still warm from the oven rolls. And what better to have with them than honey from the farm. Thank you bees.

And for the mums while they sit and tend their babies and chat, a basket full of ribbons and some inspiration from this book 'Creative Play for your toddler". Each mum made a wind wand to take home. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo. I'm very busy you know as the playgroup grandma!

The wands looked similar to the ones you see on the cover, but I used wooden curtain rings from the op shop instead of cane (because that's what I had). The children loved them and the mums loved making them!


  1. Dear Aggie! And what a range of great activities playgroup is involved in at Purple Pear - and yummy food.

  2. Wonderful wonderful. We had such a good morning. I feel so relaxed, nothing like a playgroup that you wear boots too!!

    E. was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home, she roused herself long enough to tell me the best bit "They have toilets.. and there is mulch in them..".

  3. this is so cool kate, those mamas and babies are so lucky to have you. how cute is the first photo? :)