Permaculture in Action

Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Arrivals

Look what Mark found as he went to feed and lock up the geese.

5 little ones. The mother had decided to nest outside her cage this year and so we had to build a cage around her while she sat. Luckily the fox didn't get her, but unfortunately we did lose 2 other geese as they tried to protect the female and 3 ducks.

On hearing that we had lost some geese a friend sent me this poem which had been written by a friend of hers.

how we come
and bloom
for a day
and suffer
or not
and then go

how we live
not so
triumphant lives
though all of us
great themes

that some
live not
for themselves
and some
have deaths
for others

A lovely poem don't you think. One of the geese we lost was Cosmo  who we had hand reared from day one as his parents had neglected him. He used to follow us around all day and as a little gosling we used to find him asleep under the cosmos flowers. He was a tough guy and very, very protective of all his mates, and so I'm am sure that his death was for others.


  1. aw sad, cosmo. and lovely the poem, and what a treat to find these new beautiful duckies. i wish i could hold one!

  2. Lovely poem and beautiful goslings. We lost Squish earlier this year (very protective male goose which hatched with a squished beak/bill) and I'm sure his death was for others as well. x