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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Solar Cooking

We have been contemplating solar cooking for a few years now. Out thoughts were to make our own cooker but as time has passed and we were still without  we chose to buy one from Heather. Heather used these cookers while she and her husband and baby sailed around the world. She is so passionate about them.

So last week our cooker arrived on our doorstep...

So far we have cooked bread...

Lentil bake

and  rice pie. I forgot to take a photo but here's the recipe..

2 cups cooked rice  (great way to use up any leftovers)
4 eggs
2 cups grated vegies
1 onion diced
1 cup grated cheese
handful mushrooms
2 teaspoons curry powder
a few favourite herbs
Mix thoroughly all ingredients, pour into pie dish and cook for 45 mins in moderate oven. Takes a bit longer in the solar cooker. Basically anything goes. As we use seasonal vegies in this pie it changes throughout the year.

And then on Thursday at playgroup we baked the children's buns in the solar cooker..

Aren't they cute. The children knead the dough and for some it's their first experience and bread making. As you can see the buns don't get quite as brown as when baked in a conventional oven, but they certainly taste just as good. These were enjoyed by young and old with some home grown honey.

We will be doing most of our baking in the solar cooker the Spring and Summer. Free energy from the sun with the added bonus of not heating up the house.


  1. Kate, I am so excited to see your solar oven and so happy for you. Mike and I have also talked for years about setting one up here,but never have. I really must show him your photos when he arrives home and we really need to order one. Have a great Monday.

  2. I've seen a few of these on people's blogs and I'm very interested. Are they big enough to cook for a family though? Would I be able to cook two loaves of bread at the same time, or a large casserole? They are a great idea but I wouldn't want to spend the money only to find they aren't suitable for us.

    1. Hi Linda, I think you could fit 3 loaves in the cooker but not sure if they would cook properly. But check out Heather's website and talk to her as she is really lovely and so knowlegable.

  3. I've heard a little about these but this was the first time I've seen good detailed pictures in action. Seems like a great idea with electricity prices on the rise, while compact enough for camping trips.

  4. Many would look at such a contraption and think we're heading back to the Dark Ages. Instead, this is technology at its best. Simple and effective.

  5. Mark here (briefly) to mention that the cooker we got also works as a straw box in that the insulation is so good that you can close the lid when the sun is going down and the food inside will continue to cook. Great for stews and such. On cloudy days you can start the meal on the stove than put it in the box after reaching boiling to finish it. This saves a great deal on energy.

  6. I was thinking of getting one of these last summer however think it could be an "early Christmas pressie" to ourselves for this year! Looks great.

  7. I bought mine and then a week later I bought the thermomix so I haven't used the solar oven as much as I planned to. However this summer I'm wanting to have much more of a play with it.
    The bread and the rice pies sound good.

  8. Love the concept Kate and interesting to read of your experiences with it.
    Will head over to Heather's site and have a look at them.

    Claire :}

  9. A great buy. The Sun Cook solar oven is magnificent
    You can prepare any recipe, except frying