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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yarn Along and Food Sovereignty

How does food sovereignty come into yarn along I hear you ask. Well the book I have been reading over the last couple of weeks is all about the relationship between food  and development.

"Over the last 30 years, development in the north and south has failed to deliver people a decent diet.While some people have too little food and die as a consequence, others have too much food and die from associated diseases.. Furthermore, some methods of food production create social dislocation and deadly environments where biodiversity is eroded and pollution becomes rampant. "
E.M. Young

And last night we were able to participate in the Community Consultation for a People's Food Plan as an alternative to the Australian Government Food Plan which was developed solely in consultation with the heavy weights of food production in this country. The big corporations with vested interest in developing it their way. The development of the People’s Food Plan will involve ordinary Australians coming together to discuss our values and priorities for the establishment of a new, fair, sustainable and resilient food system. A first round of public forums will be held around the country during September-October, with an aim to launch a first version of a ‘Values, Principles and Best Practice’ statement in November 2012.

The consultation covered all the topics in the above quote and many more. Let's hope we can have some influence.

And as for knitting, well I'm continuing on with my honey cowl as well as making a pile of dishcloths to sell at our stall on Sunday at Woytopia- a sustainability festival.

I used three patterns. Garter stitch, basket weave and garter stitch on the diagonal. Caste on 40 stitches on 5mm needles using double yarn. For the diagonal you can find the pattern here.

 At the festival we will be delivering a talk as well as show casing Purple Pear Farm. We have been working on developing our business with the help of Karen from The Little Red Tractor. We have changed our name leaving out organics and replacing it with farm as we have come to see that we are so much more than just organics. We are a farm that provides education, food , birthday parties, green weddings, farm tours and more.

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  1. I've been closely watching the food sovereignty alliance because I'd love to attend one of their meetings. I don't think there's one scheduled near us.

  2. Your book sounds like something Mike would really enjoy reading.
    Good luck at the festival, I think you have so much to offer and
    really wish I could attend. Oh, the dishcloths are lovely.

  3. that book sounds pretty amazing. love those dish towels. :)

  4. book looks good and i am uber-impressed by your activism and involvement. inspiring!

  5. That all sounds good. You must have a lot of energy to keep doing all the things you do!! Hopefully see you Sunday. x

  6. Love your thoughts on establishing a resilient food system in AU. We are in Oregon, US, working toward is liar goals in an urban environment. Your business changes sound like a wise move - opening up your farm's name opens you up to more opportunity. Blessings on your family and farm as you make those changes.

  7. Wow that sounds like a fun festival! I have my cotton now(thankyou for giving me the name of that shop) and I am knitting dish cloths for our next market - though they aren't as nice as yours ( i have only just learnt about knitting tension!so the first ones are a bit wobbly).HOw did you do the edging on them, is that crocheted?

    1. Hi Kim, Good luck with your dishcloths. Are sold them at the festival and have since have an order for another 6. The "crocheted" edge is actually a yarn in front increase at the beginning of each row and then as an decrease at the beginning of each row. You can see the pattern on my Yarn along post of the previous week, I think or maybe even the one before.

  8. You are a true inspiration on the food front Kate. This is such a big issue and I really hope sustainable growers such as yourselves will make a difference to government decisions.
    Love the dishcloths x

  9. That book sounds really interesting, something I would definitely pick up to read. I am also working on some dish towels. They are in my WIP pile for Christmas presents this year, yours looks lovely.