Permaculture in Action

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Around the Farm

We are blessed with a climate that allows for productivity throughout the winter. Things are different of course and gratefully not so hectic as the summer months. Here's a little taste of what goes on, around our farm over winter......
The potting shed faces north so during winter it is flooded with warmth.

A little welcome colour over the darker months.

The snow peas are producing well.   

                                                            the broad beans are in.

 And yes we still have sun flowers. Great winter nectar for our bees.
And here's a mature flower head. It is destined for the chook domes.

We've had a little trouble with a flock of wood ducks who decided that the farm was there very own personal salad bar. They wiped out a number of beds.

                               We put nets around all the beds which seems to have done the trick.

What's happening around your place?-


  1. Your snow peas are a lot bigger than mine Kate. We have tiny cauli's just starting to form as well as broccoli. This year I planted the purple sprouting broccoli for something different. Not harvesting yet though. I think I may need to start planting earlier.
    Those wood ducks would of had a lovely feast! Hope those nets continue to work. Last year those ducks loved my pea's!

    1. Oh goodness I hope the ducks leave our peas alone. We've only netted the greens. That bed pictured was also full of our first broccoli seedlings, so we are now late with broccoli!

  2. I'm interested to see that I'm not the only one having bird problems. The sulphur crested cockatoos practically annihilated one of our orange trees really early this morning. It's a bit difficult to net as it's around 12 feet tall but we have a Jack Russell cross who's not fond of noisy birds so she may do guard duty under the tree, with her loud bark, until the cockies receive the out of bounds message.
    Cheers, Robyn

  3. Wow, you have as much going on in winter as we do in full summer!

  4. Your gardens look amazing. I'm feeling inspired to get out and get ours going... Got a small chicken problem to sort out first, I understand the duck problem! Nicely solved.