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Monday, June 24, 2013

Maintenance and Repair

I am still enjoying my journey with maintenance and repair. I am finding it to be very rewarding and cathartic, as along the way the opportunity to declutter  has been embraced.

Many, many years ago I had the end of the verandah, closest to the main bedroom, enclosed and the window in between replaced by French doors, thereby giving me access to this beautiful, north facing space for my craft room/ studio. (I do like the sound of that word Studio. It implies that something quite creative goes on in there).

 But it's always been a hodge podge of a room with  bits of furniture which had no where else to go, certainly not the place that would inspire creativity. And besides that it was never really finished, with architraves left unpainted. So for the past week or so, snatching bits of time here and there I've managed to make a start on revitalising this room, starting with the painting. Here is the end window still sporting the bottle green of the verandah trim..

And now with a fresh coat of paint..

Two desks ( why did I even have two desks)  that didn't really function and a sewing machine table are now gone (The desks off to the op shop and the sewing machine table relegated to the attic)  making way for one big desk purchased from said op shop. Photos of this will follow once more time has been spent on reorganising. Believe me it's a huge job transforming this room into a studio, but I know that it will feel wonderful to have this space just the way I want it after so many years, not to mention the satisfaction in completing some repairs and maintenance.

And in the meantime, as the weight of unfinished projects is lifting, I am finding delight in other corners of this little house...

Stay tuned for more stories of enlightenment as I purge, repair, and overall lighten the load of stuff and unfinished jobs they are weighing me down!


  1. Good job on those window sills. Painting is one of those job that women can do around the house without needing the husband to be involved. Yours are looking great and have inspired me. Our's are 18 yrs old now and just starting to show it. A light sand and a splash of paint and it will be as good as new. Love the colour of that wall - it looks tuscan with the iron bedhead - very "Under the Tuscan Sun" - my favorite movie.

    1. Thanks Lynda. Haven't seen that movie and hadn't really thought about the look being Tuscan.The paint is one of those suede effects .

    2. Oh, please do try to see it or read it. Its a woman's movie about how she rebuilds not only an old tuscan villa but create a life. I've read all Frances Mayes books of her life and journey through Italy (especially Tuscany) and throughout the Mediteranean. So full of family, love, great food and recipes, and history.

    3. Sounds like my kinda movie/book. will see if I can get it from the library. Thanks Lynda

  2. I'm with you on the "weight lifted from your shoulders" feeling. I've had a few maintenance issues on my mind lately, but I have to finish getting the parts and hire the jack hammer. It's a big plumbing repair we've been wanting to tackle for a while now! Nice to see others getting things accomplished though. Gives me hope that my plod-along approach will result in a "phew" feeling too. Well done for your persistence. :)