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Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Winter Festival

Last night we said goodbye to the darkness of the shorter days. We now look toward to the lengthening days and growing light.
After the threat of rain passed over our heads we greeted our guests with some lantern making...

We stirred BioDynamic preparation 500. and put it out onto our farm . Everyone was invited to participate while I took the younger ones around the farm feeding and locking away all the animals.

We were treated to some eurythmy, highlighting the dark heaviness of winter with the anticipation of the lightness of spring. We shared a beautiful meal with contributions from everyone, and as darkness fell the bonfire was lit and we all enjoyed the warmth.

There was music and dancing and a lantern walk of course with all those beautiful lanterns. I was so caught up in the festivities I forgot to take more photos, but believe me it was a wonderful night.

There was fire twirling and drumming, singing and poetry. I made a beautiful mulled wine, just the thing for a cold night.

A truly wonderful evening with lovely friends, a diverse community, to celebrate a wonderful time of year.

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  1. I"m so disappointed we couldn't make it! It looks like it was a great evening!!! Hopefully next time!

    Mel and Catherine