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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Treasure Chest

Once there was a little girl, so the story goes. She planted a little seed in her garden and watched it grow and grow. It grew and grew as she herself grew.

The little seed grew into a beautiful golden sunflower, much taller than the little girl.

 Everyday the sunflower was visited by the bees who buzzed and buzzed in the beautiful sunshine. The bees fed on the nectar of the golden flower and flew back to the hive, taking with them golden pollen.

The little girl called to her mother to come and see the golden flowers. The little girl took her mother by the hand and led her to the sunflower. They watched with delight as the bees buzzed and buzzed around the flowers. They admired the golden flowers and talked about the golden honey that the bees would make back at their hive.The mother said that she new of another golden treat hidden in a treasure chest and she asked the girl if she could find it. The treasure chest  was small and smooth and could be found in the garden if the little girl looked really hard. The little girl looked and looked. First she looked under the orange tree, then the apple tree. She looked behind, and under and all around, but still she couldn't find the treasure chest. She stood on tip toe and looked in all the trees, but still no treasure chest could she find. Her little face grew sadder and sadder and she was just about to give up when she heard a noise coming from under the mulberry tree. ''Bok bok bok'' said the little hen, and the little girl eyes lit up. She knew what that meant. The hen had laid an egg and the girl had found her treasure. She thanked the hen for her egg and carefully carried her treasure chest into her mother. Her mother took the egg and cooked it for her little girl. The little girl delighted in her treasure chest with the golden treat inside.

This was the story that Vicki told the four year olds at a birthday party on Saturday. Each child received a jar of golden honey and a little egg in a basket as their take home gift. 

The baskets were made using a strawberry punnet. I cut off the lid, added a paper handle, some scraps of painted silk as a nest and ribbons on the handle. 

Enjoying a snack in the shade of the mulberry tree.

A delightful group of children and their parents. Vicki and I have decided that it's not like work at all!


  1. What a delightful party! And such a great use for strawberry punnets! We've had so many here of late too! :)

  2. Oh that is just a magic post. All is right with the world when I read about these parties.

    1. That's such a lovely comment Kim. It feels that all is alright when we have these beautiful children here on the farm.

  3. Beautiful story and a beautiful idea for the children's gifts.

  4. What a beautiful story and what a wonderful place to have the party on a warm day, under the mulberry tree.

  5. What a gorgeous story. Looks like a great party and how beautiful are the sunflowers.

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