Permaculture in Action

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Little Bit Of Woodwork

To welcome the birthday child to the farm, and inspired by our newest additions, I made a sign for the front gate...

I started with a template. I divided the template into squares...

These squares were replicated on a larger scale onto a piece of ply. And then it was just a matter of drawing the pig, using the squares as a guide, onto the ply.

Using power tools has always frightened me a bit, but I was determined to use the jig saw that I've had for years and never used, to cut it out. Then I tidied up the edges with a sander.

Then after a coat of sealer I painted the pig with chalkboard paint.

The sign lets the party guests know where they are going and starts the party off nicly for the birthday child. On Sunday the mother of the birthday girl apologised for being a little late but her little girl insisted that she have her photo taken with the sign. Makes it all worth while really! And I enjoyed my little bit of woodwork.

Have you been put off by a fear of power tools?


  1. Love the sign Kate - what a beautiful beginning to the birthday child's party. On power tools - I taught myself to use an angle grinder to make a Xmas present for my mum - I had watched hubby use one often enough so I had a go! I just didn't know not to touch the bolts for a while after I cut them off and ended up with some spectacular blisters on my fingers for a few weeks!