Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Just a little while ago Mark and I visited a petting farm for a little inspiration for our ever increasing child friendly activities here on our own patch. We were keen to get some ideas on fencing and pens and how interaction between the children and the animals was achieved.

We got some great ideas..

But the thing that really caught my eye were the baby animals. Sheep, goats and pigs to name a few.
These lambs and kids wander free around the farm, spending a little time in here when it's time to milk the cow, so that they don't get in the way. Children are able to interact freely with these young animals. They even climb on the play equipment with the children.
 Now a sheep has been on my mind for a while. I'd like to get  one or two for their fleece, and goats would be handy to tackle a few weeds on the farm, and maybe we could even milk them except that I'm not much fussed on goats milk. But pigs? I have in the past voiced my opposition to pigs. ''They're smelly and dirty'' I would answer, when questioned on my aversion to them. We would never have them on the farm. Well wouldn't you know it, I saw a pen full of cute little piglets at the petting farm and I found myself being won over. And so a few weeks ago we took a drive up the Valley and picked up two little miniature piglets....

Nutmeg ....

and Cinnamon....

They will be part of the tour I take children on when they visit the farm for birthday parties, playgroup and such. They will be able to pet them and feed them, once we get them quiet. They are becoming used to us more and more each day and even allow us to pat them on occasion.

But we are a working farm and we can't have animals here that don't contribute in a more productive way, so they will also be used in a tractoring system to prepare ground for plantings...

..because they do love to root around in the earth!


  1. Oh they're beautiful. I was so surprised to see them just recently. I just didn't think you'd ever be getting pigs!! And sheep? Lovely. x

  2. Oh they are beautiful. I must insist though you come and try Honey the goat's milk so you will be fussed on it and decide to get a goat as well!

    1. That sounds like a good idea. And I am keen to get a couple of miniature goats

  3. Aww I can see why those piggies won your heart. They are so cute!

    I like the way the pen is set up in the top photo, it looks nice and cosy. I have been thinking of getting a goat, but my hubby is hard to convince to these things. I will keep trying until he gives in ;)

  4. They are gorgeous!!! I cant wait to hear more about their adventures :-)

  5. love the names. Now I know you have thought this through - but dont piglets grow into rather large un child-freindly animals at some stage? Maybe if they are handled as piglets and are friendly then the adults will be friendly...

    1. These are miniature pigs so won't get too big. The mother and father were not very big. And apparently they will become as tame as dogs and follow you around like dogs. Here's hoping that that is the case. That's the assumption we are working on anyway. Time will tell.