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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Climate Action Rally

Here's what it looked like for us in our part of the world......

It was a cold and wet day. We found a dry shed in which to gather. We greeted old friends and met some new ones. We all had our photo taken for the local newspaper and listened to some speeches. Mark talked about making a more positive stand to attract those who may still question the whole idea of climate change ( I know, hard to believe that there are such people still around) ....

''What if the sceptics are right and we get a better world for no reason''

We need to model a way of living that is gentler on the Earth but also more enjoyable to everyone living on it.What if Climate Change is a great big hoax and we fix what's wrong with the world anyway. I know that permaculture has the answer. That's one way that we try to spread the word.

We listened to music and had a picnic lunch.

 It wasn't a big crowd but huge for our area. We have in the past tried to organise various rallies and gatherings but only managed to get a handful of people. So to get close to 120 people on a cold and very wet day shows just how much this issue means .

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