Permaculture in Action

Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Week In The Garden

We got over 145mls in two days and everything is look lush. The sun has come out and it has been very muggy today. We have been working hard in the garden (well Mark has anyway) trying to catch up with all the summer vegies. Up until now it has been just too dry to do very much.

We have harvested the last of the garlic and onions...

 Tomatoes in the front row and zuchinni in the following row, mulched with coffee bean bags...

.... and the next row prepped for cucumbers. Previous to this the ground had been so dry and hard that it just could not be worked.

 A few weeks back we planted this bed out to zucchinis. This bed is part of the mandala sequence and as such it receives more attention and water than those beds outside the circles. We are harvesting upwards of 25 zucchinis a week.

Potatoes are growing in those beds which are the least fertile and still needing extra work. They seem to like these beds and we are harvesting roughly 20kilos per bed.

In this bed beetroot is the main crop. As it has been growing we have harvested faster growing crops such as lettuce and asian greens. Once the beetroot reaches it's full size all other crops will have been removed giving them the space to flourish. This is known in permaculture  circles as stacking in time

Corn, beans and kidney beans flourishing after the rain...

Tomatoes and basil..

A view from the front of the garden with long beds at the front and the mandala garden behind them.
 It has been a real pleasure working in the gardens since the rain. The soil is much easier to work now that it is moist and friable. How about you, did you get the rain? Are you managing to get your summer vegies in? We still have many seedlings waiting for us to plant. More beds to prepare first though. 

Happy gardening to you all.


  1. I agree it feels so much better! It's good to plant into soil that you know will nurture the plants - I was still planting before, but in some sections nothing was succeeding.

  2. What a difference some rain makes. It's all looking lovely at Purple Pear, and it's certainly looking very green here.

    I hadn't planted anything extra. What with the dryness, the wombat stomping over any seedlings, I just didn't bother and let the chooks and ducks into the house yard during the day. Now I'm getting ready, so the chookies will have to play somewhere else!

  3. Your garden in looking fantastic! We have missed out on the rain, so everything is looking dry here. Now that we have hooked our rain water up to the garden, we should be able to get through Summer without an enormous water bill :)