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Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Rhonwyn

Yesterday was my middle daughter's 30th birthday.  She knows me well I think. Instead of asking me for stuff she mentioned that she'd really like to have Evan's room painted before the new baby's arrival in April. So while she was away with her family camping, we (my eldest daughter, Meg and a student staying on the farm and me) went into the empty house and painted.

I discovered once there that the ceilings were just too high for the little step ladder I'd brought along. I remembered Rhonnie talking about her neighbour Gary, who is always outside working on one project or another. Surely he'd have a step ladder. And sure enough he was outside and he did have a step ladder and yes he was happy to lend it to a total stranger. But on hearing why I needed it he said that really I should have two ladders and a plank. So over the back fence they came. Good on ya Gary.

 We got started on washing the walls, then cutting in and finally with me on the roller, the walls were quickly covered in Soft Apple very pretty. While it dried, Sophie whipped up some breschetta for our lunch. Mark had made bread yesterday and put it in the oven. It should have come out the oven just before the children arrived on the farm but, you guessed it, we forgot. So it was in the oven for over two hours. Burnt to a crisp on the outside, but as Mark started to cut it up for the pigs he realised that it was just fine inside!. So that was the basis for our bruschetta.  Then tomatoes, and red onion from our farm.  But I'd forgotten the basil so it's just as well Rhonnie has a nice little vegie garden and I was able to pick some of hers.

Then a little nap while the paint dried ( it was 38 deg. after all)

After our break we once again got back into the painting. What a team. We had it finished in no time flat. We then washed the windows, wiped down the timber blinds, rehung the curtains and replaced the furniture. I can't wait to see Rhonnie's reaction when she gets home this afternoon.

We were ever so pleased with ourselves. I love that I'm able to give of myself when it comes to gift giving. How about you? Have you received gifts like this for your self?


  1. What a lovely thing to do. I'll bet Rhonnie was pleased.

  2. its beautiful mum! love it.... might have made extra work for Scott though, as now he wants to do the wardrobe.thanks so much xo rhonnie

  3. Lovely colour, and well done for a great job in this terribly hot weather.