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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Creative Space

Finding the space within the busyness of farm life for a little creating has become a priority for me over the last few years. Whether it's sewing, knitting, spinning or whatever new thing that comes along, I make time for some each day.

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It's been so hot here. Yes, I know, it's summer and it's supposed to hot. But I can remember when we used to get afternoon thunderstorms which brought a little bit of rain and a whole lot of relief. Any way I digress.
It's been very hot and finding something to work on, in a creative way, that doesn't exacerbate how hot I already feel, has been a bit of a challenge. Normally doing a little sewing would be good, but my sewing room is just stifling, even though I had it fully insulated, ceiling and walls,when I renovated the room.

And so I pulled out something I started on about 2 years ago. A crocheted ripple rug made from cotton. I haven't done a great deal of crocheting, just a couple of beanies and a cushion cover when I was teaching at the Steiner school. The children are taught crochet in around 3rd class and I took it up then. But it was just basic double crochet. I saw other bloggers making such beautiful things from crochet and thought I'd teach myself a few more stitches, but unfortunately I got a bit bored with it.
I don't think I'll ever be a crocheter, I'd much prefer knitting. But I do need to finish this rug. Because it's cotton it's not so hot to have it sitting on my lap, like wool would be, so I'm soldiering on. It's not that bad really. I think I'm getting the hang of it.

 This photo shows the colours quite well. Colours of the ocean is my intention. Cooling colours for summer crafting!. I have the rug and all the yarn sitting in this basket alongside my chair, so that when I sit down to relax I can just pick it up and start. No having to look around and find everything. Mark sometimes wonders why I have a craft room when all my bits and pieces end up in the loungeroom. Oh well. I have to have something to do while he watches the cricket.
The following photo doesn't show the colours so well.

Does it remind you of the sea?

Look at all those ends I have to weave in when I finish.

Yesterday when I woke up I still felt so very tired. I got up and did the morning farm chores, had breakfast and went back to bed. That's just not something that I would normally do but I just couldn't seem to get going and it was Sunday after all.  I'm entitled to have a slow and restful day, I told myself. I'm finding the older I get the more that summer saps me of my energy. So I lay there thinking of all the things that needed doing and that was the end of my rest. I got up and cleaned out the fridge. Now when was the last time I did that? A long time ago by the look of it, and then putting away some jars I was prompted to clean up the back room where we keep all our preserving jars. It's amazing that once I get going and just start on something, my energy returns. Does that happen to you?

And the best thing about the weekend was that finally a cool change came through. Didn't last long though!


  1. Your ripple is beautiful!!! Im not a blue girl but mixed with my fave purple and green, it's certainly striking and definitely sea-ish! Funny how I love crochet because it's quick and easy but am trying to get my head around knitting and you are finding the opposite! Keep going, it's looking almost done and must be so soft being cotton.
    And yes, oh yes, the cleaning bug does happen to me…… the one where you don't want to do a thing and must force yourself to and then miraculously, you just clean and clean and tidy and feel soooo much more invigorated!!! I think it's good for the mind because I do still feel tired when I've finished but mentally I feel great!!
    Have a great start to the week, Kate!

  2. that does indeed happen to me kate, and it's always a pleasant surprise! your crochet does really look like colors of the sea, i hope it reminds you enough to keep you a bit cooler. we've been reading about the heat wave there. your blog header is so pretty, love the littles and the clothesline and your embroidered bird!

  3. Energy is a bit short round here. So is heat. In fact I had to get out the winter comforter for the bed a couple of days back. We do seem to do earthquakes rather well though we were too far away to notice the one today.

    I like to alternate between knitting and crochet because it helps my hands but mostly I quilt. My Steiner class did recorder cases in crochet. Some of them were very inventive colour wise too :)

    viv in nz

  4. Hi! I've made a ripple blanket, love how simple the pattern is, and I wove in the ends as I went. Try this: When you attach a new colour, hold the two yarn ends along the top of the last row of stitching, so they get caught in the first few stitches of the new row. (Let me know if you want photos to show you!) You just need to snip off the last little end sticking out when it's all stitched in, so the blanket is finished as you go.

    1. Thanks Nickie. I'm going to give it a try today. I'll let you know how it goes.