Permaculture in Action

Friday, March 7, 2014

CSA Weekly Share

The harsh summer has been really hard on us. Even though we didn't actually run out of water for the garden, all the irrigating we did was pretty ineffectual. The days were just so hot that it sucked the water out of the soil very nearly before it soaked in.The zucchini and cucumbers fruited well in the beginning. We had such abundance. But they shrivelled in the heat and we were left with very little to put into our boxes, not to mention the lack of surplus to preserve. But we knew that it would have to rain eventually so I kept propagating so that I would have the seedlings ready to plant whenever it did happen to rain.

Well of course the rain did come and we were ready. So in went the zucchinis, cucumbers, beans, and greens. Thankfully the rain came in good time while we still had weather warm enough for fruiting to occur. So once again we have a glut of zucchini and  cucumber with beans on the way. And the greens are looking lush. Such joy. I love being a farmer once again!

Today's  CSA share is typical of the one above. Although we endeavour to divide the harvest evenly some people will get a little of this and others may get something else instead. each box is dependent on the harvest of the day and as we pick twice a week there may be a little difference from the Monday to the Friday.


  1. It all looks wonderful. I have just started with my seeds, they are on window sills all over the house.

  2. Glad to hear that you got the rain you needed and it must feel great to have been prepared with your seedlings. Your customers are lucky to have someone like you providing them with great produce.

  3. Well done! It's been a harsh summer for different reasons around the country. I'm not on a farm, but it even took its toll on my fruit and veggie garden!