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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Twice Around The Sun

Just over a week ago my Grandson Evan turned two...

His mum and dad want to keep these early birthdays small and simple so that he is not overwhelmed by something that he really can't understand. So there was a simple home made cake decorated with some of his farm animals.

 A visit by granny and pop, aunts and uncles, grandma, and his newest baby cousin..

Evan is really in love with this little babe and his arrival at his birthday was a highlight.

I gave him some winter clothes that I'd made, and a home made hobby horse that I'd bought at our Steiner School when he was just 6 months old. I've been waiting ever since for the right time to give it to him, and as two year olds are keen to explore the world and those he finds in it, now seemed just right. As usual for children this age, the gift bags were of more interest at the beginning, becoming a great place to put all of his things. I was a little concerned that the horse may be a little difficult for him but he took to it with ease.

Evan is such a happy boy. He is equally happy playing with his dolls as he is with his trucks, or blocks, or farm animals. He loves to climb and run, gallop and jump. His mum and dad got him a swing and slippery dip for his birthday and he can amuse himself for ages going up and down. 

My daughter tells me that Evan wrapped up his ''baby" and put it in a trolley and he was taking her for a walk to dubdas- that's his word for grandma. He is teaching himself to go to the potty. He imitates all those around him, wanting to be a part of all we do. He will soon be a big brother and with his response to babies so far I'm sure it will be something that he will really enjoy.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy. xxx

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  1. I think low key birthdays are the way to go for as long as you can. The hobby horse looks like it went down a treat.