Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Farm Visit

 Today Rhonnie and Meg visited the farm with the two boys.

 While the baby napped in his mum's arms and Aunty Meg knitted, Evan and I visited, well, everything. He rode the big and small tractors...

He found an egg and managed to carry it all the way back to his mum, with even a stop at the tractor, without breaking it...

There was a little pruning to done..

Some road works to be done...

There were chicks to watch, which resulted in a bit of an altercation with a rooster, who took to poor Evan, attacking him unmercifully. ''The naughty chook hitta my face" The rooster's spurs were caught up in Evan's vest and he couldn't let go. Oh what a tangle. I don't know who was more frightened.
Certainly the rooster  made a hasty retreat.

And Atticus spent a beautiful day in the arms of one or other of his doting relatives.

Such a beautiful day! We miss you Sarah! See you soon. xx


  1. Such a beautiful account, a beautiful family.

  2. Gorgeous little boys, gorgeous girls... what a lovely gathering.

  3. What a lovely day and I love the little jumper on the bub. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  4. Sounds and looks like a perfect day. I love the way you have herbs growing along the front railing - what a clever idea.....