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Thursday, May 8, 2014


I do love a vest, especially at this time of year.The little vest Atticus had on yesterday was one I'd made for Evan. Evan never got to wear it as he was just too big, but this time around it fits beautifully.

It's a pattern I found a few years back but it doesn't carry any identifiable brand. It is similar to the Colin Vest, but with buttons down the side. Does any one know it so that I can give credit? The yarn is New Zealand wool I found at an op shop.

This vest I made for Evan this year. I'm now wishing I'd made it a little longer, but otherwise it fits beautifully. It's a Patons pattern and is knitted in Patons wool. I made a few mistakes which had to be unpicked. Not that it's a tricky pattern at all, just me trying to continue knitting too late into the night and waking up in the morning to mistakes. Sometimes a whole row of cables missing!

Sadly my spinning wheel is sitting untouched. Looking forward to the earlier evenings, sitting by the fire, with spinning wheel in front of me. I have a very nice fleece just waiting to be finished.

Do you knit? What have you got on your needles at the moment?


  1. Oh congrats on the new arrival, Kate! I missed your post and just found it yesterday…. he is so cute! I'm sure your daughter is feeling over the moon to have had a much easier birth, I know I did after a loooong first one.
    It is that time of the year again when knitting comes into its own, isn't it! I still haven't finished the little cardi I was knitting earlier in the year and now is the time to do it because they grow so quickly!
    Enjoy your new little one!

  2. Beautiful knits to go with the beautiful boys. The cable knit is adorable.

  3. Love this time of year, where you can sit by the fire in the evenings and not feel guilty you should be doing some outside chores!!
    Evans' vest is just gorgeous Kate, he looks like a proper little man in it.....too cute and Atticus looks snug as a bug in his. How nice he'll get some wear out of it.
    I have a granny square blanket on the go, it's only taken me 3+ years to get to this point, almost done.....
    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :)