Permaculture in Action

Friday, June 20, 2014

CSA Share

Our larges box today contains a variety of greens, along with a few late season tomatoes and capsicum. Winter is onion growing time, so it can be hard to find a nice one in the shops and they are nowhere to be found on the farm, so I've added shallots and garlic chives, which make a nice substitute for onions.

We've been making a lovely pie with the spinach, with eggs and cheese, in a puff pastry, served along side a green salad. It is sometimes hard to include a salad to our diets in winter, but a chance meeting with a friend, asking if we had any salad to sell, reminded me of the importance of eating greens with a vinagarette, before the main meal to help with digestion.I remember Costa explaining to us when he came to the farm for an episode of Garden Oddyssey, that it was also a very important part of the Greek diet. And who are we to argue with Costa?

So do you eat some greens before your meal?


  1. Sometime we are doing similar things, Kate. I was out in the garden today and picked carrots,pumpkin( already stored) and late potatoes. It wasn't quite enough for a meal so I picked lots of salad greens for a salad too because I know it would be good for us to have the crunchy salad things too.
    We usually eat our salad greens with all the other stuff though, not before.
    How cool that Costa came to your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think that our daily routines may be very similar Kim. I think we think alike. Yes it was rather cool when Costa came. we met him when no one knew about him. we were one of the first places to be filmed.

  2. Wow Costa came to visit!

    I never knew to eat your greens before your meal, I really must try that, thank you for sharing your wisdom :)