Permaculture in Action

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Littliest Intern

I haven't been feeling the best for the last few days, but I'd promised my daughter that I'd look after Evan today. Luckily he is easy to care for. He just loves to be involved with whatever is going on.
So when the interns were set the task of constructing some new fencing for the pigs....

I took Evan over to watch thinking that he would like to sit and watch. Instead he wanted to join in, so I popped him over the fence and and sat quietly while I watched him work...

The interns haven't had much experience with farming but are really up for the many challenges that they are presented with. Along with fencing this week, they have been learning to care for the farm animals. And once again Evan is in there amongst it.....

 Yesterday, the interns were shown how to catch the chooks and give them a bit of a health check, followed by a routine application of oil to the chooks legs to smother any scaly leg mite that may be present. Today the guys tackled the job on their own with the remainder of the chooks, with a little bit of help from Evan of course.

They have been learning the feeding routine and nightly lock up of all the animals, along with cleaning out their enclosures and replacing bedding. This continues for the week which should enable them to take care of all the animals independently.

For Evan, who has participated in feeding the animals from the time he could walk, there were other things to do...

Like taking his baby for a ride and eating oranges straight from the tree...

As I said before, Evan is quite easy to care for, so I did manage to rest a little as we slowly moved around the farm.
And now it's time to snuggle down in front of the fire with a cup of ginger, lemon and honey tea. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow. But before I go a big thank you to our interns for all the wonderful work they're doing on the farm.


  1. The interns seem to be working out so well . How wonderful it must be for you and Mark to have other people take on the load when you need help but also , your interns would be learning so much from you both.

  2. Looks like little Evan will have lots of handy skills as he grows up! Hope you are feeling better soon Kate:)

  3. Such a cute apprentice you have there :)